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  •  Villas have become the ultimate sign of luxury off late. Be it to enjoy a fully independent and spacious, private space or to just luxuriously vacation, it has gradually become a sign of wealth and prosperity. 

    Real estate has become a formidable form of investment and here we will be listing out a few reasons and the ultimate perks of owning a luxurious villa in the right location. Villas are basically independent houses that can provide for  almost all your needs. The amenities become your ultimate choices and that is why it is as independent as it can get. They can still have the benefit of a housing society and have your kids grow up in a human friendly environment.

    Some obvious brownie points of owning a villa is that there is always ample space, There are always more rooms and more than needed space for a common family. You can always do something different and fun in the extra space that gives your house your extra individualistic finesse. Apart from that, the privacy that the villas offer in the quiet yet bustling towns are usually the ones we have to look for.

    Now, what's the best place to buy a villa in Spain? The answer will depend on your preferences and situations. Nevertheless if you're looking for luxurious villas then Marbella has to win that one. It is a wide opinion of Spaniards that some of the finest villas exist in Marbella as it is known for their environment and quality. Listed below are a few reasons why?

    • Choose your destination: Marbella has villas in all kinds of terrains. So, whether you want a secluded villa in the mountains or valleys or a splendid mansion in the bustling town of Marbella. Some of the most quaint localities are also situated in Marbella, that house some of the most luxurious villas. There are various luxurious settings as well, for example if you like golf, there are a number of golf resorts that have residential areas all around them. If you’re a beach lover and want to sunbathe at any time of the day, the beaches aren’t far at all with some of the villas being just 5-10 mins away from them.
    • Diversity: Marbella is not just Spain’s favourite, it is an international hotspot. Amongst them, the most common foreigners happen to be britishers who like to spend their vacation in Marbella or just live there all year round. This means that people from britain can get most of their brands available in Marbella.
    • Traveling around here is easy: Marbella is one of the most accessible towns in Spain, so if you like travelling around often; this place might just do wonders for you. Although it is just a town, its location on Costa del Sol is what makes it so accessible. The road network is top notch and Malaga airport happens to be just 5 minutes away. All of this with the added benefit of no traffic as compared to cities.
    • Good investment: Buying a luxurious villa in Marbella is deemed to be safe because of the high quality of the properties there. It has been noticed time and again that Marbella’s real estate market has been resistant to the economic crises especially after the ‘Golden visa’ provision that allowed foreigners outside of the EU to buy real estate and become spanish residents.
    • The standard of luxury is very high in Marbella which the standards for quality that much  higher. High quality appliances, pools and other recreational gear are proof of the extreme quality in Marbella. The additional and personalised pools, saunas and other amenities are a list that dont stop.


    Sanpedro deals with some of the best properties and real estate in Marbella and extensively in Costa Del Sol, do contact us for some amazing listings in the beautiful localities.