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  • Investing in a real estate property could be a daunting task, especially when it is your home! It could be your first home, a get-away home, a retirement home, or even an investment. Home is where we build lasting relationships & a place very dearer to the heart. It takes a lot more of an emotional quotient in striking a balance between your dreams & means in finding the right property for your family. Home is a very personal subject & it carries a lot of values in making a decision. It calls for a long term decision and involves factors like occupation, work place, family, education, healthcare, lifestyle style, social quotient, neighborhood, property value appreciation, etc. Let us help you decide on making your dream home!

    Micro and macro details:
    First things first! Let us do a micro & macro detailing of your needs. The micro detailing will deal with choosing the locality. You need to understand the
    demography that suits you the best. Issues like demography, growth value, occupation, work place, family, education, healthcare, ease of connectivity, lifestyle
    style, social quotient, neighborhood, etc. would influence in deciding the best-suited Locality. Average y-o-y growth of 12-20% of investment would be a perfect strike. Once you are done with your choice of locality, you are ready to make your next move!

    Investment plan:
    Investment planning plays a major role. Choose between an apartment or an independent villa home. Apartments carry a host of shared amenities whereas an
    individual villa offers you more of private privilege. Both of them do carry their own benefits but, the choice is yours! Financial planning is essential & choose the right
    mortgage plan that suits you the best. Based on your regular income, choose the right rate of interest vis-a is the period of repayment. The thumb rule is to keep your borrowings at not more than 70% of the value of your fixed income. Choose a trusted real estate legal firm to handle all the legal proceeds in completing the deal.
    Read carefully between the lines before signing the dotted line. Choose the best and trusted real estate agent to help you find your property.

    Macro details:
    Macro detailing would reflect your attitude! It deals with issues like the size of your investment, the architect, the property developer, the size of the property, elevation of the house, number of rooms, the size of your garden, the swimming pool, outdoor party area, the barbeque area, amenities, etc.

    Are we ready to move you to your dream home?