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  • Looking for a house and making it a home is ultimately a journey. To begin with, here are some things you should take care of while buying a house:

    A comparative market research
    The first step is to do market research and study the price quoted by the agency so that you don’t end up paying more. Market research will provide you with ample knowledge on further steps. For this, you can keep track of similar properties in a particular area through online or newspaper listings and check out every dimension and functionality involved in buying any property.

    We don’t want you to stay in a noisy and overcrowded environment. It
    is important to track certain places you might be interested in buying a
    house there. People confuse between property’s size and its carpet
    area. Carpet area includes just the area within the house’s walls while
    the property’s size is all-inclusive of common areas such as staircase,
    lobby, etc. If you have decided to take possession of a property, take
    note of carpet area and property size according to which the price will
    be calculated.

    There are certain documents which should be collected from the property’s developer to get a legal ownership title of the property. These are allotment letter, original sale deed, payment receipt, possession certificate, no dues certificates etc. To ensure hassle-free documentation and registration, make the right choice for a reliable real estate. Also, make sure that the contract also contains clauses related to outstanding dues, penalty, damages, etc.

    Plan your finances
    Planning the finance is always on the top of the list but at the sametime, financial stability while buying the house could be hard to achieve. Hence, it should always be assured on the buyer’s part to have a constant source of income. Also, the buyer should have good savings and EMI to be paid so that such expenses would not cut down planned buying of a new house.

    Credibility of the builder 

    If you’re looking for a fully furnished house, builder’s credibility should be the focal point of concern. There are incidents where houses fall due to builder’ fault in construction. It is always suggested to inspect the house properly and look for a builder who is government-affiliated.