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  • If buying a luxurious home in Spain is a daydream, let's take you to this amazing nightlife in Marbella. Sanpedro Grupo brings this reality by offering you sumptuous villas and apartments in the heart of Spain,Marbella. Marbella has gained popularity all across the world for the most exclusive venues and prolific parties on the Costa del Sol, these clubs often boast celebrity guest lists. There is a different vibe at nightclubs and events; here are some shortlisted cuisine, bars and clubs where international, highly acclaimed DJs perform throughout the year making clubbers dance on-beat till dawn:

    This nightclub has been the best nightclubs and on top of the list because it succeeds in bringing some of the best nights to town. With international DJs and promoters, TIBU BANUS is open seven nights a week till 7 am. This nightclub is located on the main square in Puerto Banus and is usually heavily occupied most days of the week. So, don’t forget to book in advance! They also have several bars within the venue, night out on the very large terrace area and a restaurant new door. Since Marbella is the second name for luxury, TIBU BANUS has a luxurious decor and glamorous feel for VIP customers. During
    summers it has a hard-hitting summer clubbing with the terrace being the perfect spot to enjoy late-night open-air partying.

    With a history of best nights held in Costa del Sol year after year, Dreamers promises to storm the night with electronic, house and techno on-board with some serious partying till dawn. This time, they won’t open nightly but only on specific dates with DJs and artists taking up the floor and making night glamorous and memorable.

    A luxurious place which is at par with Las Vegas-style and vibe to a night without conventional neon lights and a focus on finesse. They host a Dinner and Show every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night with renowned performers on stage and Michelin star chefs in the kitchen. They have different locations to make the flow of the night with changing moods and requirements as the night goes on starting in their open-air terrace for drinks followed by a sumptuous dinner and live performances alongside.

    La Clave Salsa Club
    La Clave is a dance school as well as a Salsa club during the night. This place comes as an alternative to a regular club or bar.
    Professional trainers always work with the crowd so if you are not well-versed in Salsa, that’s not a problem.

    With divine house music and enjoyment, Bless excels in unforgettable
    nights with its wonderful terrace and delicious cocktails. This super
    club makes all your worries vanish as you enter and enjoy the night
    with your friends.

    Only in Marbella can you enjoy days relaxing by the pool or at the beach and then get dressed up to have a banging good time at the best nightclubs. You’ll love the magnificent discos, fabulous clubs and eloquent bars, all of which act as a drawing force for crowds of Spanish and international tourists.