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  • It is always said that food may be essential as fuel for the body, but good food is fuel for the soul. Well, the belly rules the mind. The cuisine of Marbella is known for its uniqueness and naturalness at the same time. Typically Spanish Mediterranean, the cuisine is a mixture of a lot of seafood which has special recipe and ingredients. The locals often mention the that adequate use of olive oil, rich spices, onions and garlic makes good food. This special Mediterranean cuisine brings out the infinite cultural heritage with a pinch of natural bliss. The food is fresh, succulent and diverse. Some of Marbella’s famous dishes are- Almejas, Espetos de sardines (sardines roasted in the fire), Pascaito Frito (fried fish) and Mariscos Frescos and the Coquinas. However, there is some regional and traditionally prepared cuisine  also which is considered as a staple in the Spanish Mediterranean and Andalusia. These are- Paella, Ajo blanco (cold soup, usually with almonds, oil and garlic) and Gazpacho Andaluz.

    Olive oil is commonly used, as it is quite the staple in many of the region’s recipes. The main reason behind this is, the region is a major producer of olive oil. The olive oil’s many qualities bring out the flavour that Andalusia and Spanish Mediterranean cuisine is known for. Marbella has a rich and diverse cuisine. The dessert has a strong Moorish influence. The common ingredients used in making sweet dishes are- almonds, egg yolks and honey, even orange and lemon zest. By shopping around and keeping an eye on local deals, you can fill yourself up on a reasonable budget, enjoying all that Spanish cuisine has to offer. With some many restaurants on offer, Marbella’s dining scene is best discovered and worth spending bucks. Don’t miss the chance!