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  • Culture is the only thing that unites and differentiates us at the same time. Marbella, being the heart of Spain, has much more to entertain this generation with its old and rich heritage and urban culture. The city has ethnic diversity which constantly makes its presence in newspapers and magazines throughout the year. Marbella’s warm and sunny atmosphere is quite contagious – and it reflects in its people. The locals are warm and friendly. They readily welcome and accompany people with open arms.

    A leisurely sunny Sunday on a beach or be it any visit to museums, Marbella opens the door for national and international people to make themselves a part of this wonderful venture from nature to culture. Moreover, there are a variety of annual festivals held in Marbella, mainly between June and October on an international level to celebrate this glory.

    Creating a history of festivals dedicated to music include the Marbella International Opera Festival being organised since 2001, the Marbella International Film Festival in June at different locations all over the city. The International Contemporary Art Fair I, also known as MARB ART, was held in Marbella in 2005, exhibiting works of photography, painting, sculpture and graphic design by over 500 artists; it has been held annually since at the Palace of Congresses. This is dedicated to the development of artistic and cultural activities.



    Filled with festivities and feast, Marbella also witnesses awe-inspiring picturesque and enjoyable festivals. A unique tradition is the Feast Day of the Virgin among the fisherfolk. A fluvial parade is conducted which is a seafaring procession upon which Virgin of the seas is brought to an underwater cave on the El Cable Beach. This is a bright and colourful affair with numerous gaily-designed boats accompanying the Virgin of the Seas in her journey. The celebration also consists mass at the Chapel in the Fishing port and singing of the traditional songs and dancing to celebrate brotherhood. Marbella is filled with museums and art galleries that will give you a glimpse of the city’s artistic inclination and zest for life. The museums are filled with artworks (some by Picasso and Miro), artefacts and sculptures. Indeed, this land is blessed in terms of tradition, culture, location, topography and historical treasures. Come and visit Marbella!